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Even though it's spring, weather conditions can be variable, especially during the first week of May. Point Pelee National Park is mostly flat with some gentle slopes in the duned sections of the park. More than 16 kms of trails are found in the park, falling into two categories:

Footpaths are unsurfaced and may have uneven and wet areas with obstacles such as downed trees. Some of these footpaths are open year-round, while others are available during birding season only.

Park trails are 1.5 m wide, surfaced with crushed gravel and boardwalks. They are maintained year-round and provide access to the major habitat types found in the park. Some these trails are wheelchair accessible.
Map of Park Trails (PDF - 662KB) 

Footpaths and park trails
Footpath and park trail at Point Pelee National Park
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The following items will help you prepare to make the best of your trip:
  • Rain gear
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Clothes to wear in layers
  • Winter hat and gloves (for early morning birding near the lake)
  • Sun hat (for those warm afternoons)
  • Bug repellent, and most important...
  • Binoculars

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Birder Breakfast and Lunch

Birder Breakfast and Lunch

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