Justin Peter
Justin Peter is Quest Nature Tours' Director of programs and Senior Naturalist, and Vice-President of the Toronto Ornithological Club.  Born and raised in Canada's capital, Justin has been leading bird walks since the age of 14.  Justin worked for several years as the Senior Naturalist at Ontario's world-renowned Algonquin Park, where he coordinated the park's interpretive program and acted as a lead howler for the park's celebrated Public Wolf Howl events. Justin has been an international traveller since childhood. He has led Quest trips to Churchill, Peru, Namibia, the Galapagos Islands, the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica and India. His ear for bird vocalizations is particularly keen and he looks forward to pointing out birds and other interesting natural phenomena to you!
Jean Iron
Ontario's best-known birder, Jean is a past president of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and a retired school principal. She is active writing for nature publications and participating in wildlife surveys for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and is a tremendously effective roving ambassador for Ontario's critical natural areas. Jean has led many Quest Nature Tours trips to Peru, Belize & Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the High Arctic, Cuba, Japan, the Galapagos, French Polynesia, the Svalbard and Iceland. Ask Jean about how much she likes gulls and shorebirds!
Sarah Rupert
Sarah Rupert is a life-long southern Ontario girl and has been a nature lover since day one.  She has a particular passion and fascination for birds, which she loves to share through interpretive programs, art and other media.  Sarah has been birding her entire life, and hasn't missed a spring at Point Pelee since her first visit at 2.5 months old. Currently living in Leamington ON, her day job is with Parks Canada and the rest of the time she can be found looking at, drawing or painting the natural world around her.  She eagerly awaits the arrival of spring, and birders, to Pelee each spring.
Paul Pratt
Paul Pratt was the head naturalist for Windsor's Ojibway Nature Centre. He also leads birding and natural history tours throughout North America, the Neotropics, Australia and Africa.  Paul currently holds the Big Day birding record for five provinces and Canada along with teammate Tom Hince. He has also been on winning teams at such birding events as the World Series of Birding and Texas Birding Classic. Paul has been birding Point Pelee for over 44 years and also has a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of the plant and animal life of the region.
Chris Earley
Chris Earley is the University of Guelph Arboretum's Interpretive Biologist and Education Coordinator and a self-proclaimed 'nature geek'. He teaches workshops at the Arboretum. Chris has also written a series of very popular bird identification books and children's nature books too.  His latest work is called 100 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario.  Chris has led many previous Quest tours, including the High Arctic, the Galapagos Islands, Sri Lanka and several to eastern and southern Africa. His zoological knowledge is impressively broad and virtually encyclopedic, and his enthusiasm for wildlife is contagious.
Jody Allair

Jody Allair is an avid birder and naturalist who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. Jody has been birding and banding since his teens, when he began volunteering at Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO). After university, Jody spent two years as LPBO's Landbird Program Coordinator, and a season as the Migration Program Manager at Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. From 2004-06, he worked as a Science Educator for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, and in his spare time ran birdwatching courses and field trips through Calgary's Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. As Biologist and Science Educator for Bird Studies Canada (BSC) since 2006, Jody conducts various educational and outreach activities in addition to his research and fieldwork. He coordinates BSC's Bird Science and Environmental Education Program, and the Southern Ontario Forest Birds at Risk Program. Jody enjoys exploring the outdoors and traveling and leads birding tours with Canadian-based Eagle-Eye Tours to Alberta and New Zealand.


Tom Hince (

For over fifty years, Point Pelee has played a pivotal role in Tom's life.At the age of ten, he first read of the magical migration here. He made hisfirst visit to the park at the age of thirteen, and has birded Pelee forforty six of the past forty seven years. Tom has filmed around the globe forDiscovery Channel, and guided over a hundred tours on four continents, butalways returns to Pelee each May to enjoy the spectacular songbirdmigration.


Jeremy Bensette

Born and raised within the Point Pelee birding area, Jeremy Bensette is a local diehard birder, naturalist, conservationist, wildlife photographer, and tour guide. Having seen 346 species in the province in 2017, Jeremy holds Ontario's birding Big Year record, thanks largely in part to Ontario's helpful and supportive birding community! He is also a proud member of the Vortex Optics Field Team, a very active member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists, and a board member for the Essex County Field Naturalists' Club. He takes any chance he can to share his knowledge and insights about wildlife to friends and strangers alike. Jeremy loves to travel and talk birds.  Ask him about his adventures or where the great birds are in Point Pelee, Essex County, or Ontario anytime!


Peter Burke

Peter has extensive natural history knowledge of wildlife, insect and vegetation communities within Southern Ontario and beyond. He is an expert in birds across North, Central and South America, conducting breeding bird surveys, bird banding, bird field guide illustration and bird tour leading. Peter also possesses expert knowledge of butterfly, dragonfly and damselfly communities in Eastern Canada, including identification of species, both adults and larvae, as well as field guide illustration.

He is a tour leader for Field Guides Inc., and is a world-renowned professional illustrator for various bird field identification guides, including National Geographic, Princeton University Press and the Peterson Field Guide series.



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Birder Breakfast and Lunch

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