Justin Peter
Justin Peter is Quest Nature Tours' Director of programs and Senior Naturalist, and Vice-President of the Toronto Ornithological Club.  Born and raised in Canada's capital, Justin has been leading bird walks since the age of 14.  Justin worked for several years as the Senior Naturalist at Ontario's world-renowned Algonquin Park, where he coordinated the park's interpretive program and acted as a lead howler for the park's celebrated Public Wolf Howl events. Justin has been an international traveller since childhood. He has led Quest trips to Churchill, Peru, Namibia, the Galapagos Islands, the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica and India. His ear for bird vocalizations is particularly keen and he looks forward to pointing out birds and other interesting natural phenomena to you!
Jean Iron
Ontario's best-known birder, Jean is a past president of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and a retired school principal. She is active writing for nature publications and participating in wildlife surveys for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and is a tremendously effective roving ambassador for Ontario's critical natural areas. Jean has led many Quest Nature Tours trips to Peru, Belize & Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the High Arctic, Cuba, Japan, the Galapagos, French Polynesia, the Svalbard and Iceland. Ask Jean about how much she likes gulls and shorebirds!
Sarah Rupert
Sarah Rupert is a life-long southern Ontario girl and has been a nature lover since day one. She has a particular passion and fascination for birds, which she loves to share through interpretive programs, art and other media. Sarah has been birding her entire life, and hasn't missed a spring at Point Pelee since her first visit at 2.5 months old. Currently living in Leamington ON, her day job is with Parks Canada and the rest of the time she can be found looking at, drawing or painting the natural world around her. She eagerly awaits the arrival of spring, and birders, to Pelee each year.
Paul Pratt
Paul Pratt was the head naturalist for Windsor's Ojibway Nature Centre. He also leads birding and natural history tours throughout North America, the Neotropics, Australia and Africa.  Paul currently holds the Big Day birding record for five provinces and Canada along with teammate Tom Hince. He has also been on winning teams at such birding events as the World Series of Birding and Texas Birding Classic. Paul has been birding Point Pelee for over 44 years and also has a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of the plant and animal life of the region.
Chris Earley
Chris Earley is the University of Guelph Arboretum's Interpretive Biologist and Education Coordinator and a self-proclaimed 'nature geek'. He teaches workshops at the Arboretum. Chris has also written a series of very popular bird identification books and children's nature books too.  His latest work is called 100 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario.  Chris has led many previous Quest tours, including the High Arctic, the Galapagos Islands, Sri Lanka and several to eastern and southern Africa. His zoological knowledge is impressively broad and virtually encyclopedic, and his enthusiasm for wildlife is contagious.
Lorraine Johnson
Lorraine Johnson is the author of numerous books about native plant gardening, including 100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardens; The New Ontario Naturalized Garden; Grow Wild!; and Tending the Earth, among others.
Tim Arthur
Tim Arthur has always loved nature and wildlife. While working as an Audio Engineer in the film & television industry he was fortunate to edit and mix the sound for the Profiles of Nature series for several years which aired in over 300 countries, as well as many other award winning wildlife documentaries. Tim does contract work for Bird Studies Canada doing wetland bird and amphibian surveys throughout southern Ontario. An accomplished photographer and tour guide, Tim has led birding trips for the Point Pelee Festival of Birds and the Ontario Field Ornithologists Club as well as some private birding and photography tours.
David Darrell-Lambert
At the age of nine David was taken on school outing to a RSPB reserve.  Noisily waiting in a hide a Kingfisher dashed past and started his passion for birds.  Since then he has travelled all over Britain looking at birds and also visited Israel, Canada, Tunisia, St. Lucia, Egypt and Italy to name a few.

Since 1988 he has undertaken a variety of bird surveys in urban parks, coastal sites and health lands, covering nocturnal species, winter wildfowl counts, high tide roosts and breeding populations.

In 1991, he began illustrating the London Bird Report and then became a local bird recorder for six years. Since the mid 1990s he has led groups of birdwatchers around various parts of United Kingdom and expanded his identification skills to include butterflies and dragonflies, which adds to his strong knowledge of British wildlife.

He was the chair of the Ornithological Section of the London Natural History Society for ten years plus a trustee. Photography plays a large part of his interest and his photographs have been published in a number of specialist journals.

Now sound recordings have become fascinating area and can be listened to from Xeno Canto or Soundcloud.
Terry Whittam
Terry is a citizen scientist with over 50 years of birding experience in Ontario.  His lifetime ornithological focus is studying Golden-winged and Blue-winged warbler expansion through Ontario.  For the last 10 years, Terry has dedicated his time to the Rosetta McClain Raptor Watch, observing the yearly trends in raptor migration along the Scarborough bluffs over Lake Ontario. When the raptors are having a "slow day" Terry also tags monarch butterflies on their migration to Mexico.  His research with monarch butterflies includes tagging, weighing, measuring wing lengths, classifying condition and redness as well as taking temperatures.  The presentation will highlight this research as well as the monarch "recoveries" that have been found in Mexico.
Mike Burrell
Mike has been interested in birds since he was able to lift up a pair of binoculars. He didn't get "serious" about birds until he was 15 after he attended theDoug Tarry Young Ornithologists Internship at Long Point Bird Observatory. Since then it's been all birds, all the time. Through high school Mike spent as much time as he could volunteering at the bird observatory and started a summer job that lasted six seasons at Algonquin Provincial Park as a Park Interpreter leading hikes, children's programs, and slide talks about topics from birds (what else!) to insects, mammals, and forest ecology. Mike went on to study biology during a Bachelor of Science degree at Trent University and then obtained a Masters of Science in Forestry degree from the University of Toronto while studying boreal bird ecology.

Since Mike finished school he's worked for Long Point Bird Observatory, several private environmental consulting firms, the Ontario Important Bird Areas Program Coordinator with Bird Studies Canada, and is now with the Natural Heritage Information Centre (a part of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry).
Ken Burrell
Ken has been leading field naturalist outings, or guiding personal birding trips since 2000, and is one of Ontario's leading birders. His birding expeditions have taken him all over Canada and the USA, as well as trips to Central America and Europe.

An all around naturalist at heart, Ken is knowledgeable in just about every taxa encountered in Ontario. Ken completed his Master's in 2013, where he studied 'reverse migration in the Pelee region' and now works as a biologist for Natural Resource Solutions Inc., a consulting firm in Waterloo, ON, where he's had the good fortune of steadily broadening his technical field expertise.

Since 2006, Ken has birded professionally, while since 2011, has been a voting member of the Ontario Bird Records Committee, a sub-committee of the Ontario Field Ornithologists, and recently (2014-2017) served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Field Ornithologists.  Ken is the regional eBird reviewer for Waterloo Region, Perth, Bruce, and Huron Counties, and is also the noteworthy bird records compiler for Waterloo Region Nature.

Ken, his partner, Lillian, and his family are keenly involved in the outdoors and have been since he was a kid. Ken and Lillian reside in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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Birder Breakfast and Lunch

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