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Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • Getting into Birding -  Jody Allair
    Are you interested in starting birding and don't know where to start?  This program will get you headed in the right direction.  Join Jody Allair from Bird Studies Canada, and learn how to bird, where to go to find birds, with a theatre program followed by a short, hands-on walk.
    Program provided by Southwest Ontario Tourism

  • Songbirds - Beyond Warblers -  Sarah Rupert
    There are many different species of songbirds beyond warblers.  You'll have the chance to learn more about these other songsters that are migrating through Point Pelee in the spring.  From vireos to orioles, we have it covered.
    Program provided by Parks Canada

  • Birding 101 - Sarah Rupert
    Are you new to birding - this is the program for you! Sarah will outline the basics of bird identification, key tools and secrets to successful birding at Point Pelee.
    Program provided by Parks Canada

  • Sparrow ID -  Sarah Rupert
    Sparrows are one of the hardest groups of birds to learn. Do these little brown birds leave you scratching your head? Sarah will help you sort them out.
    Program provided by Parks Canada

  •  Warbler ID -  Sarah Rupert
    Finding things a little confusing in the warbler capital of Canada? Sarah will help you unravel the mysteries of warbler identification and share her tips and tricks for the field.
    Program provided by Parks Canada

  • Birding by Ear - Justin Peter
    Bird vocalizations offer a whole new dimension to finding birds and identifying them! Join Justin to learn the basics of 'birding by ear'. He'll share some techniques to get our ears and minds attuned to bird sounds. We'll then perform some fun exercises together to put our skills to the test.
    Program provided by Quest Nature Tours

  • Shorebird ID - Jean Iron 
    This workshop covers 28 regularly occurring spring migrant and breeding shorebirds, plus 8 rarer species that migrate through southern Ontario to their Arctic breeding grounds. The focus will be on Point Pelee area shorebirds. This workshop is loaded with tips to sharpen identification skills, and you will increase your knowledge of shorebird molts, plumages and aging. Learn to identify shorebirds by using diagnostic field marks supplemented by jizz or giss - general impression of size and shape. Test your new knowledge by doing interactive shorebird quizzes. Find out the best spots to see shorebirds in spring.
    Program provided by Quest Nature Tours.

  • Hawk ID - Chris Earley
    Learn the basics of raptor identification, both perched and in flight.
    Program provided by Quest Nature Tours (May 14)

  • Birding in Essex County - Paul Pratt 
    Essex County has many hidden birding hotspots.  Join Paul Pratt and learn about some of the best places outside Point Pelee National Park to go birding.
    Program provided by Parks Canada.

  • Bring Back the Bounty - Jalvaro Jarmillo and Ben Porchuck
    Ontario's Carolinian life zone occupies only 0.25% of Canada's land area yet it is home to more plant and animal species than any other part of Canada. But the region has experienced great habitat loss over the past two centuries and today has less than half the natural cover needed to sustain healthy ecosystems. The region is also home to 25% of Canada's human population and over 95% of the landscape is privately-owned. Find out about two exciting new Carolinian Canada initiatives that are empowering individual landowners to restore habitat on their properties in the cities, towns and rural landscapes of southern Ontario. You too can be part of the solution!
    Program provided by Carolinian Canada



Wildflower Walks

Give your neck a break.  Stroll on a trail and learn about the beautiful wildflowers that bloom in May.
Wednesday to Sunday, 1:30 pm
Meet at the Visitor Centre


Shorebird Celebration

Want to learn the basics of shorebird identification?  Hillman Marsh Conservation area provides one of the best locations for shorebird observation in Essex County during spring migration.  Join volunteers from the Ontario Field Ornithologists at the Hillman Marsh Shorebird Cell, managed by the Essex Region Conservation Authority.  

May 1- 22 (except Tuesdays): 3 to 5 pm

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area

Cost: entrance fee, no registration required.


100 Species and 150 Species Challenge


Can you find 100 species during your visit to Point Pelee?  You can earn the exclusive 100 species pin.  Up for a bigger challenge?  Find 150 species during your visit and earn a limited edition Canada 150 Challenge pin. 


100 Species Challenge

Birder Breakfast and Lunch

Birder Breakfast and Lunch

Point Pelee National Park


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